The Girls From Maverick

coyote_brideCoyote Bride

Poker, pirates, and Tequilla had gotten Lila into this mess.  Mack liked volcanoes and wild women.  Turned out, Lila was his kind of crazy.

One minute Lila Lyon was in a poker game in Juarez, drinking away her sixth failed marriage engagement. The next, she was waking up on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Mack should’ve never gone to the poker game. He’d had a simple chore – get some guns to protect the boat and equipment from pirates. And he’d had a simple goal – get to Isla Socorro on time or lose the invitation-only chance to study the volcano and continue receiving his grant money.

But things tend to go awry when the cartel is involved—especially when you humiliate them, you steal from them, what you steal is a woman won in a poker game, and then you kidnap the woman to save her crazy, naked behind.
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 rockytopRocky Top

What are you going to do when a woman has a thing about goodbyes?  Miguel Rios winked at her, rescued two orphans, built a bouquet, then he killed a guy.

All Rocky wanted was to fly her plane and put strangers up at her B&B.  And maybe forget her dead lover.  Or find new ways to remember him.

People called her cantankerous; she called herself independent.  Rochelle was her real name.  Rocky Top, she’d earned, because, apparently, she was hardheaded.

Then Miguel Rios came to town with his smooth ways and velvet voice and sweet talk and siesta frame of mind.  He made her forget to hurry up.  He made her forget to be sad.  Worse than that, he made her want him.

All Miguel wanted was to fly, and maybe find a nice, quiet, mild-tempered woman to love.  He didn’t know the job flying for the Rocky Top B&B was non-paying.  Or that he’d crash his boss’s plane.  Or that he’d happen upon two eight-year-old orphans in the middle of the forest.  Or that so many people would be trying to kill them all.  Or that what he really wanted was Rocky Lyon.

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fixinitFixin’ It

I’m currently working on this one.

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