Fixin’ It – excerpt



          Everyone thought Sonny Lyon was some artsy fartsy, out there, crazy idea generator who fixed cars on the side. Could be the treehouse she lived in or the cave where she fixed those cars, or the fact that she lived in the middle of the forest all by herself. But generally, people confirmed any doubt they had about her normalcy when they saw her bathroom mirror.

For the record, she didn’t get why people wouldn’t have a big, mean-eye’d dragon staring back at them. Truth was, she didn’t really give a rat’s ass what anyone thought. Crazy kept the bedbugs away.

Okay, already,” she said to Oscar the Dragon. “It keeps the good ones away, too.”   She and Oscar had a lot in common, because they both breathed fire and took no shit. Oscar never forgot it, either, because Sonny stared him in the eye every morning and reminded him how tough she was.

Sure, she’d wanted to give up the ghost when Lyle had been killed. She’d been working at the power plant too, fixing diesel engines. The only agony she’d been spared was the fact that she hadn’t serviced that particular crane. She knew industrial accidents happened, and she knew that sometimes no one could’ve seen it coming. Still in all, she couldn’t stand it if she’d had an actual part to play in her fiancé’s death.

She could’ve gone the extra mile and checked… hell, something. The whole tragedy changed how she thought about things. It changed what she worried about. It changed how she saw her place in the world, and she wasn’t ready for that. What else hadn’t she thought of that might kill someone? Or lots of someones?

Bad enough the accident broke her heart and stole her life away along with Lyle’s, but now she sometimes had trouble telling up from down, good from bad, safe from hiding. Unlike what everyone thought, all Sonny wanted was to be normal.

She never went back out to the plant. Now, she just got through each day best she could and tried to avoid anyone she might get attached to. Then Mack Mackensie had fallen in love her sister Lila, and Miguel Rios had fallen in love with her sister Rocky. And Mack and Miguel both swore it was because of the box.

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