Coyote Bride – excerpt



Mack MacGregor had a penchant for trouble, most of it caused by his penchant for wild women, that discovered when he’d escaped his self-imposed role as protector of all he surveyed. Filtered through his martyrdom at the time all he surveyed had included his parent’s house, his surprisingly obstinate mother, and his three unappreciative sisters.

It was the summer he and his dad spent cruising back and forth across the country in that big rig that fate had grabbed hold of Mack, and his future had exploded in a beautiful profusion of freedom and empowered possibilities.

Soon after that trip, his dad retired from the road, and eighteen-year-old Mack gave up saving the MacGregor women from the parade of two-legged hound dogs who constantly sniffed around their house.

None of the females in his house had appreciated Mack’s protection one little bit. Or the lengths he went to in providing same. And they’d all reacted so badly to his direct orders.

But that was a handful of years ago. Mack was more experienced and a lot wiser now, and free to do as he damn well pleased. It’d take a hell of a woman to tie him back down, and Mack was confident that woman did not exist. See, that was the thing about Mack. He could do humble, he just preferred to be himself.




Everyone loves to hear Lila Lyon’s tales of woe and adventure, because it’s so much fun when your jaw hits the floor.

She’s the kind of girl you love to talk to but you wouldn’t necessarily want to be her. That’s mostly because, in the normal course of her adventures, dignity and survival were almost always suspect.

Lila led an exciting life, full of relationship mayhem brought on by a temerity that made a person love her or hate her.

Some people loved her and then hated her. Those people were usually men.

Lila had no brakes. She had a lot of opinions and didn’t mind sharing them, and a lot of crazy ideas that no one in their right mind would go along with.

Lila was a balls-to-the-wall woman, but, sometimes, her imaginary balls just ended up splattered against that wall. This was one of those times.

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