I’m a romantic suspense writer living in Texas, but I grew up moving all over the country with footloose, adventuresome parents.

Out of the blue, my dad would get a wistful look on his face and say something like, “Boy, I bet Montana’s nice,” and everyone knew we were moving to Montana.  It was an incredible childhood.

I’ve had a varied career that ranged from administrative work to an industrial construction field worker to database design. I’ve worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; the Army at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas; the Air Force at Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, Texas; Austin Community College in Austin, Texas; and the State of Texas. Now, I write stories.

Who am I writing about?  The heroes are all a slightly different part of my personal hero – my husband, a man confident enough to have me writing about him – the good, the bad, the cheesy.  And you know what?  He’s a man who can and will protect his woman (uh, that’s me, so don’t go getting any ideas, because I’m still crazy about him).

I love family gatherings and wish for Lake Travis to fill back up, and I haven’t moved in a long, long time.