My stories are about the lighthearted innocence of living a normal life colliding with dark and dangerous situations.

They’re about young people who’ve fallen and failed in love—men and women who now walk an elusive line between fear and trust while trying to mend their hearts and reclaim their courage.

Their lives are off course, their dreams are shattered, and it only gets worse because I write romantic suspense.

The stories take place in El Paso and Austin, Texas and the fictional towns of Drover, Colorado and Maverick, Wyoming.

 I Now Pronounce You Dead and Gone

Stories about men who can and will protect their women

What does that mean?  That, sometimes, even a strong woman needs a big dog.  And sometimes, she needs a big dog that bites.

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Joanna and Michael have released their CD – A NEW LOVE BEGINS.
The CD is amazing and the live performance was tons of fun. And I got this cool poster. Give them a listen!