The Boys From Drover

iknowI Know You’re In There

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if that voice was inside your head or outside your window?

Jeannie Lind did.

What do you do when a killer sets his sight on you, but you can’t convince anyone else that’s the case?  Instead of waiting for police protection that won’t come, Jeannie disappears.

On her way to Denver, she’s stranded in a snowstorm with a kind, hot stranger named Mike Holley.  What they think is lust at first sight soon turns into a deep emotional connection.

Then Mike hears that two of his friends have been murdered, and Jeannie knows the killer’s caught up with her. Jeannie’s greatest desire is to save Mike, and she knows she’ll never recover unless she controls her fear.  She packs and is on the run again, but Mike catches her and won’t let her go.

Still haunted by his failure to protect his first love, all Mike wants is to save Jeannie.  Now, Mike, who’s worked so hard to escape his violent past, must turn to violence once more to protect the woman he loves.
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tagyourdeadTAG You’re Dead

Corrupt politician, meth cook, archenemies.  The game might’ve been fun if it hadn’t been for the bullets and bombs.

Clara Hawthorne is a dweeb living a boring life until she runs into her body double, Angie, a stripper whose free spirit entices Clara to step outside her comfort zone and have a little fun.

Then Clara meets Jake who wants what she’s been dreaming of–a simple fling with no complications. And safe, quiet Clara decides to live just a little tiny bit on the wild side.

Jake Holley lives on that wild side, and he’s a man who can take care of business–any business. He gets to prove that when mayhem is unleashed from three directions: blood feud Holley family enemies, meth cooks who need to silence Angie/Clara, and a corrupt senator out to stop Clara’s whistleblowing.  Jake’s boat is sunk, bullets fly, bombs explode, people are killed, and Clara is kidnapped.

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willyWhat Ever Happened To No-Neck Willy?

After secrets discovered, love forsaken, and kidnapping five women, his life seemed a small price to pay to end the reign of a vicious killer.

Willy Thompson wakes from a five-year coma and sets in motion the predestined fate of many others.  He’s sure his life was restored to fulfill a mission from God to save six women from an unknown evil.  He has a little trouble convincing the women.

As a last resort, he kidnaps five of them over a period of five weeks.  One victim’s brother is a Special Ops soldier called home from Afghanistan.  After a rocky start, he and Tahini, the sixth woman, combine efforts to search the Santa Fe National Forest for his sister and her friends. The law has given up.

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venusVenus Tripped Here

He’d ruined her life 100 years ago, and she’d killed him. Today, she hates him still, but this time, she’s innocent of his murder… and arrested by her lover.

Lori has always been alone.  Whenever she tried to remedy that situation, she only ended up adding another notch to her broken heart counter.

Then a long lean Wyoming cowboy named Jimmy Lyons came along.  But so did that assault charge in Texas.  And the murder charge in Kansas.  And now her lover, Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Lyons, is arresting her for the murder of her current nemesis.

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yourtheoneYou’re The One

Captured by desperate killers, her two young children abandoned in the forest, a woman’s only hope is the love of her life, her missing soon-to-be-ex.

Her marriage was on the rocks. Her husband was gone. Her children were crying.  And old enemies had returned.

Bill had always been her protector. But now he was hers in name only.  That’s what she thought before the kidnapping.

When all you have are shackles, everything comes down to the real truth.  Not the one you tell yourself. Not the one you tell your family.  The one that knows, without a doubt, who will come to save you.

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